What is footgolf?


As the term "Soccergolf or Footgolf" already shows, it is a mixture of the both sports soccer and golf. 

Footgolf is originate in the north of Europe. In the 1980s the first facilities inaugurated in Sweden. Meanwhile footgolf is an accredited sport; national and even world championships already took place.

Similar to golf also footgolf is played on 18 lanes (with Par 72). A standard soccerball has to be holed into an oversized hole in the ground, just with the foot (without using a racket) and with the possible lowest amount of kicks. To make it more interesting different kinds of obstacles are placed on the lanes.  

A new recreational fun for the whole family, for clubs, groups, birthdays, school classes as well as companies, which all of them can book the facility even outside our normal opening hours. 

Different from playing golf there is no special training needed. Everybody can start playing immediately and without following long instructions. It's a perfect combination of fun, concentration, coordination and exercise. Footgolf is the pure recreational fun for EVERYBODY! 

We are looking forward to your visit!