Reservations for groups








Reservation – Why is it necessary for a group to book in advance?

A group (starting from 10 persons) benefits from many advantages, for example:
- Price deduction - binding appointments - reserved start times -

How to book a group?

Please send us a Mail to or use our contact page.

Please provide us with the following: desired date with time, how many persons as well as a telephone number of the contact person.  
Thereupon you will get a booking form from us, which has to be filled in from you and send back to us by Mail .
Your group will be booked fix and we reserve the appointment for you. 

In case the course cannot be used due to rain or heavy weather, we pay back the deposit or give a voucher to play on another day. 

Please note that the indicated number of persons with the corresponding prices becomes binding by booking and has to be fully paid. 
If you do not know the definite number of persons, please indicate the minimum soccergolf players in the booking form. According to prior agreement further players may be added. 


Last possible starting time will be 1.5 hours before sunset.